The beauty of Emfote Lake a.k.a Love Lake, Jayapura

Actually this is a story of my short journey to Jayapura about couple years ago. At that time I was 6 months pregnant with my second child. But I think it is ok to share it here to remember how special that day and I also hope you can find usefull information that you might need before visiting the capital city of Papua.

I did not remember all the details. I just let my brain bring back those memories. And the most memorabe was a visit to the Emfote Lake. Yaa… I ever wrote it down in this blog with the article entitled Traveling Ke Jayapura : Itinerary dan Budget. But only at a glance. Today, I write more.

How To Get There

Emfote Lake or also knowing as Love Lake because shaped like a heart is located in Puai Village, East Sentani. It was so hard to find : passed some villages and was hidden behind the forest and miles away from the city centre with hilly and winding road where some parts were broken. There were also no public vehicles going to this place.

I was guided by a blogger friend who had lived in Jayapura for years. If she didn’t help us, we probably never arrived at this beautiful lake. (At least during my visit at that time. Because reportedly that now can be reached by Gmpas with the smooth asphalt road). Alhamdulillah more easier ya! So I don’t need to rewrite the way again. Just turn on your maps and follow the directions.

I was amazed with the view. Green hills with bumps, cyclops mountains that extended wide and a vast of grasslands. It was truly paradise!

What Should You Do / Bring

  • In the last village, you have to pay IDR 50.000 / car and IDR 20.000 /motorcycle
  • The best time to come was after Ashar to get a spectaculer view with golden sunset
  • Wear comfortable clothes with bright colors like red or white to make it look contrast with the background
  • I highly recommend to bring a lot of snacks because there wasn’t stall at all
  • Remember! Take your trash home, please!
  • Bring a high-resolution camera to capture all the beauty of lake surronded by hills and Cyclops mountain
  • Bring some supporting properties such as hat, sunglasses and umbrella to get instagramble photos.
  • Enjoy every inch of beauty of the scenery but remember to leave before Maghrib for security reason.


Tulisan Berbahasa Inggris pertamaku di blog ini. Sudah lama sekali tidak pernah menulis dengan bahasa asing. Terakhir kali seingatku menulis essay untuk aplikasi beasiswa juga beberapa tahun yang lalu. Please jangan ketawain grammarnya yang amburadul. Hehehe

Saya terinspirasi dari seorang teman blogger yang saat ini sedang berjuang keras mendaftar beasiswa ke Amerika (Sebelumnya dia gagal ditahap wawancara LPDP dan sekarang sedang apply Fullbright) . Salah satu hal kecil dari sekian hal besar yang dilakukannya adalah konsisten menulis di blog dengan Bahasa Inggris. Good luck ya sist! Hopefully this time you wint it.



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